Policing News: Home Safety Audit

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WITH the start of the school holidays upon us the Queensland Police Service (QPS) want to further reinforce the need to be vigilant and to lock up stating that with people away, crime can easily occur.  

A spokesperson for QPS said it was important for people to not make it easy for offenders to commit crime by doing such things as leaving keys in cars or leaving home doors unlocked when out.  

“The holidays are a time when many people are away from their homes either on day trips or for extended periods,” the spokesperson said.  

“Employing good home security measures can give you peace of mind and help you enjoy your holidays when you are away from the home.”   

QPS stated that a simple and effective way to review your home security, is to start from the outside of your home and work your way inwards, using a Layered Approach. 

“For most homes, including multi-residential buildings, units and townhouses, there are six layers that can be used to identify existing and desirable security.”  

*Layer one: External perimeter 
*Layer two: External walls and access 
*Layer three: Internal walls 
*Layer four: Internal areas 
*Layer five: Property 
*Layer six: People 

QPS stated that reviewing your home security using a layered approach is a straightforward way to apply the key home security principles.  

“House-breaking, also known as break and enter or burglary, is one of the most common crimes and can occur at any time of the day or night. 

“By regularly assessing our home security, introducing targeted security measures and changes to our everyday behaviours you can help keep your home safe.” 

Good home security can be achieved by following these key principles –  

*Make it easy for an offender to be seen 

*Make it difficult for an offender to gain entry 

*Make it difficult for an offender to exit with your property 

*Make it difficult for an offender to gain benefit from your property. 

For more information on home security and how to be crime safe please visit www.police.qld.gov.au/safety-and-preventing-crime 

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