Timely reminder to make sure pet details are up to date

One lucky doggo! – Tucker was reunited with his family due to his registration and details attached to that being current and correct. Photo: Contributed  

IT’S AN all-too-common occurrence – the missing dog post on social media sites. “Do you know this dog?” Often the found dog will be taken to a vet only to find that the microchip details (if there is one) and pet registration are not up to date. Leaving a return to home up to someone seeing the post online.  

Thankfully though, a happy reunion was in store for a Yaroomba Beach dog – all thanks to his registration and details being current.  

Tucker, a curious Kelpie cross from Yaroomba Beach, escaped while his owner Carinne was out. As soon as she arrived home, she knew he was gone. 

“The usual jingle of his tags was conspicuously absent. I dashed around the yard calling his name in a panic, it was then I saw he had done a little doggie excavation and snuck out under our deck. 

“You always think the worst with so many busy roads around. 

“Not long after, I was so relieved when I got a call from a supervisor at the pound. A kind community member called in to say they had found him. It was easy to identify Tucker because he had his blue Sunshine Coast Council registration tag on,” Carinne said. 

There is a misconception that a microchip is the key to identifying a lost pet, Tucker’s escape demonstrates how quickly your furry friend can be identified over the phone with their Council registration number. 

The annual Sunshine Coast pet registration period is coming up in September so now is the perfect time to make sure your pet’s details are up to date. 

If you have moved to a new house, your pet has been recently desexed or microchipped or your pet has sadly passed away, it’s important to ensure Council has the correct registration details. Registration costs just $26 if your dog or cat is desexed and it’s free if you have a current pensioner card for a desexed and microchipped animal. 

Service Excellence Portfolio Councillor Winston Johnston said pet registration was a key part of being a responsible pet owner. 

“Making sure your pet is registered and microchipped, and its details are up to date, helps Council get your pet get back home quickly if they roam from your property,” Cr Johnston said. 

“There are more than 60,000 pets registered in the Sunshine Coast Council region and the registration information also helps us to provide pet-related services where they are needed most.” 

You can update or cancel your pet’s registration details via the simple online form on Council’s website by searching ‘cat and dog registration’. 

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