Fight continues over approved Yaroomba development

In a show of strength and solidarity, locals gathered at Point Arkwright on Sunday, July 23 to come together and reflect on the task at hand which will see the community once again Appealing the approved decision to allow the controversial Yaroomba Beach development. The development has been in and out of court over the past five years and this final battle will once again test the resolve of the community who are vowing to never give up. Community advocacy group Development Watch made the announcement that an Appeal was possible on July 20 and stated that their legal team had advised that there were grounds to further Appeal. Legal fees do not come cheap and local groups such as Friends of Yaroomba (pictured) will be calling on the community and those who are against the development to help them with their fees by donating to their cause. Photo: Cooper Brady Photography.  

IN a statement that was released last Thursday, exactly 30 business days from the previous announcement which essentially allowed the controversial Yaroomba Beach development to go ahead, Development Watch Inc simply stated that they will continue to fight the controversial approval. 

“We are not done. We want to fight again,” Development Watch stated.  

Development Watch (DW) President Lynette Saxton stated that DW will launch another Appeal to the Supreme Court against the latest Planning and Environment Court decision on the Sekisui Yaroomba development. 

“With our legal team, we have considered last month’s finding by the same Judge and have decided once again that we have grounds to Appeal.” 

On June 9 of this year Her Honour Judge Nicole Kefford dismissed an Appeal against the Sunshine Coast Council decision to allow the Sekisui House Yaroomba Beach development.  

The development application proposes to build up to seven storeys and will include a five-star resort and up to 740 residential dwellings on the 18.5-hectare coastal site.  

Sunshine Coast Council approved the development in a 6-5 vote in 2018 and since then the case has been in and out of court.  

One of the main areas of contention has always been building heights with the approved heights going against the current town plan, and community expectation with DW maintaining that the local community does not want such intense development on the site.  

Friends of Yaroomba gather at Point Arkwright on Sunday, July 23. Photo: Cooper Brady Photography.  

“We are going back to fight for our community against an intense high-rise development that has no place in Yaroomba, or Coolum for that matter,” Ms Saxton stated.  

“Just like us, the community have made an enormous commitment of money, energy and time towards the previous Appeal which ended with the Supreme Court finding that Her Honour Judge Kefford had made three errors in law.  

“One of those errors related to the community’s expectations.” 

The time between filing the previous Notice of Appeal and the decision from the Supreme Court was 11-months, and DW expects a similar time frame to ensue this time around.  

And time is what the groups need to fund their very expensive legal fight.  

“We are deeply grateful this community still has the energy and resilience to fight on despite all it has endured and given. 

“Their support again demonstrates how much they value this special place and what we all stand for.” 

It is anticipated that another $100,000 will have to be raised to cover legal fees. 

“Once again, the community has indicated it is ready to fight on. And so are we.” 

Sunshine Coast Council were contacted for comment on the matter and were also asked how much money they have spent on this case with a spokesperson stating that they were not at liberty to discuss the finer details of the case.  

“In line with standing practice, Council does not discuss specific legal matters or costs. Council’s annual report includes a summary of expenses for the organisation including legal fees.” 

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