Letters to the Editor 14/06/23

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Dear editor, 

A large new species migrating from the south has invaded coastal areas quickly colonising and now dominates the area. The lesser, smaller species of the same genus is being destroyed at an alarming rate and is in danger of extinction. This new species threatens water supplies and covets natural habitats. This new species has been named the MC Mansion. 

Margaret Wilkie,  

Peregian Beach. 



Dear editor, 

After years of abuse and murder of the American Indians, their native status has not been fully restored, nor have they been compensated for the land stolen from the many tribes. The displacement of the negro population, kidnapped from Africa, continually exploited and persecuted, is still an open wound. The U.S. was initially invaded by English colonials, who lost the American War of Independence, opening the door for immigration from many nations today. 

Australia today has many voices and many cultures to consider. Our present governments recognise the harm done to displaced aboriginal tribes and generations of children taken by force. The billions in compensation already invested into aboriginal issues, has not addressed the cultural demise of tribal life and harmony, connected to the land. As a result, they are over-represented in our prison systems and have a shorter life expectancy. Their quality of life before settlement and after settlement, to this day, are centuries apart. Nothing can compensate for this loss, which is terminal. This is of greater significance for rural indigenous communities. 

Money hasn’t changed the indigenous status quo. We are many voices, crying out to make Australia home. There is room for us all. However, creating a great divide in Australia, about how much government power and control is to be relinquished to the elite few, indigenous spokespersons, is up for a referendum. Judgment Day is coming. 

E. Rowe, 




Dear editor, 

How many more revelations about the former Liberal National government will surface, particularly when the eagerly awaited National Anti-Corruption Commission commences next month, thanks to the Albanese government?  

Already we’ve had the revelations of the sports rorts and many other suspect grants schemes; the Leppington Triangle purchase for $30 million of a block of land valued at $3 million; Mr Morrison’s multiple secret ministries and the horrendous Robodebt scheme amongst many other failures as the Liberal National government’s legacy. 

The latest scandal revealed by the Australian National Audit Office is how the Morrison government mishandled $2 billion in its administration of the Community Health and Hospitals programs. 

The Morrison government had a complete disregard for the genuine needs of Australians by their persistent pattern of poor guidelines and politically motivated grants. 

Those responsible should be held accountable and transparency must be restored at all levels of government administration. Australians deserve a functional and responsible government. 

A NACC was once promised by the Morrison government but never delivered. Is it any wonder. 

Robyn Deane, 

Bli Bli.  


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