Fox control program rolling out from end of March

The invasive Coastal Fox which is being targeted from Maroochy River up to Peregian Beach. Photo: Contributed  

IN AN effort to protect native animals Sunshine Coast Council is again running its Coastal Fox Control Program, now in its ninth year and residents from Maroochy River up to Peregian Beach are to be alert to their activity.  

The Coastal Fox is one of the most serious threats to Sunshine Coast native wildlife and Fox control will be undertaken in coastal areas from March 27 on council-managed and state-managed lands as well as some private properties. 

The aim of program is to decrease fox populations at a time when they are particularly active and to reduce their predation on vulnerable native species. 

These include spotted tail quoll, water mice, Eastern ground parrots, as well as the endangered green and loggerhead turtles at the egg and hatchling stage. 

The European red fox was deliberately introduced to Australia for recreational hunting in 1855 and has become a significant contributor to native animal decline across the nation. 

This autumn trapping campaign involves using soft-catch foothold traps placed across selected bushland and private properties in areas of known fox activity. Traps are checked daily or continuously by telemetry camera. 

Control activities are conducted by qualified and experienced invasive animal officers. Officers operate under council’s policies and procedures and in line with Queensland’s animal welfare laws. 

Environment Portfolio Councillor Maria Suarez said this latest program would help protect the Sunshine Coast’s native wildlife from this introduced species. 

“Foxes pose a serious threat to unhatched turtle eggs and threaten species such as the endangered Mary River turtle, and green and loggerhead sea turtles,’’ Cr Suarez said. 

“They’re also a threat to our livestock and domestic animals – especially chickens.’’ 

Sunshine Coast Council, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Coolum and North Shore Coast Care and Noosa Council will work together to carry out this program. 

Residents living near the program areas will be notified and residents are reminded it is their responsibility to ensure their pets’ safety and not let them roam. 

Areas included in the control program will be clearly identified by warning signs at all entrances. 

If you spot a suspected fox den in the program area, report it to council on 5475 7272. 

You can also view the fact sheet to learn how to identify a fox den on council’s website.  

The European red fox is a restricted pest under the Queensland Government Biosecurity Act 2014. 

Under the Biosecurity Act 2014, managing biosecurity, which includes invasive animals and plants, is a key responsibility of council and every Sunshine Coast resident. 

More information about the program is available on council’s website

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