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Dear editor, 

Who initiated this debate? After only months in power, Prime Minister Albanese condemns critics of the Voice, as “starting a cultural war”.  Speed and lack of details, makes critics suspicious. 

The opposition won’t commit, while the Nationals are outrightly opposed and say no. Anyone asked to vote yes on the referendum, deserves details and its consequences for the whole Australian community. Why does one culture take priority over our multi-cultural society, as if it is entitled to change the status quo? Why are the details missing?  

Expecting all Australians give assent, without knowing what exactly they are giving assent to, just because Mr Albanese speaks for one culture, creates division in our society. It will not unite our nation, despite its premise.  

No one culture should dominate, discounting all of Australia’s 270 ethnic groups, living and contributing to the world’s most successful multi-cultural nation. How much they all contributed to modern Australia, should take precedence.  

To create division and thus, privilege, for a minority, despite the past, is un-Australian, moving forward. We are one nation, but we are many cultures, sharing the same dream. The part is not more important than the whole. 

E. Rowe, 




Dear editor, 

To answer questions, will a judge be able to nudge Robo Dett who may dodge, fudge and hedge? If jailed, as he trudges to work in drudgery, will he hold a grudge against the judge? Just asking.  

Margaret Wilkie, 

Peregian Beach. 



Dear editor, 

Congratulations on introducing a new feature to the paper: Faces of the North Shore.  I think a feature on locals who make a contribution to the lifestyle and amenity we enjoy will help foster a sense of community on the coast.  I particularly enjoyed the article which featured historian and writer, Frances Windolf.  Frances’ regular contribution, “A look back in time”, is always informative, well-researched and well-written. I have learned a lot about Coolum and its past from reading her articles, including the role of the state school, the establishment of a postal and telephone service, and the most recent article on the first petrol station in Coolum, Murphy’s Garage.   

R. Seljak, 

Coolum Beach.  



Dear editor, 

While I sympathise with E. Rowe regarding public transport, fair paying the answer is clear. Public transport must be free! Before people wail hysterically, remember this is a vital public service for the safety and wellbeing of all levels of society… and in that sense the ugly price gouging by the state government and the difficulties of young people (with precious little cash) trying to make the most of life- these could be overcome in one fell swoop. A first world country can easily provide the funds for free public transport. By taxing gas exports maybe. Or a billionaire’s tax. Or just closing tax loopholes.  We must create new paradigms of thinking. Plenty of money for free public transport. Do not hold your mind back by constrictive thinking. Let’s progress.  

Dylan White,  

Coolum Beach.  



Dear editor,  

The Sunshine Coast now has “a seat at the table” with two Labor Members of Parliament, Jason Hunt for Caloundra, and Rob Skelton in neighbouring Nicklin. What is more, it is paying off in spades with the latest announcement of a further consultation process for upgrades to 10 km of the Sunshine Motorway. 

The Motorway carries 30,000 vehicles a day, and input is now being sort in refining the details such as significant upgrades to the Yandina-Coolum Road roundabout, and the provision for southbound ramps onto the motorway at West Coolum Road and the realignment of Yandina-Coolum Road to the west of the motorway. 

Five million dollars has also been committed for traffic signals on the Yandina-Coolum Road and School Road intersection at Coolum. 

According to Rob Skelton MP, the project is part of a $3 billion, four-year transport and road plan for the Sunshine Coast, which will support 2700 jobs. 

The Palaszczuk government is listening to what the local community wants in its vital infrastructure to improve safety, accessibility and lifestyles for residents and visitors. 

Robyn Deane,  

Bli Bli.  


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