Letters to the Editor 09/11/22

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Dear Editor,  

Common courtesy is not so common! Shared paths are meant for pedestrians, bike riders, skateboarders and scooter riders. However, it is a risky business walking on a shared pathway when these vehicles speed past without warning. Not a thought as to how their speed affects those who go a little slower. 

Although it is the law for such vehicles to give warning when passing, using a horn or bell, it is often the exception rather than the rule to hear a bell before they approach. Helmet wearing is also not a priority for riders, although it is also the law. Once police officers were asked why the lack of helmet-wearing was so common and not prosecuted here, the response was that it is conducive to our casual lifestyle. So, although it’s unlawful to ride without helmets, it was not a problem for the police.  

This is unacceptable when it’s one rule for all, as well as a safety issue. This is totally irresponsible of law enforcement when the helmet rule isn’t enforced, simply because it’s the casual way we live here. As for bells on bikes and other vehicles along pathways, it is dangerous to walk on shared pathways, especially for the elderly, who frighten easily, when riders speed past without warning. What happened to common sense and common courtesy, when sharing public spaces? Electric vehicles are even more dangerous when sharing paths. 

Having never seen any police presence or inspectors checking those who ride shared pathways, it is an accident waiting to happen. The lackadaisical attitude to personal responsibility and concern for the rights of others in our society, display utter disregard and disrespect. It’s every man for himself, which seems to be the selfish modus operandi when it comes to sharing. it is a $125 fine, for no bell or helmet. But who’s checking? 

E. Rowe, 




Dear Editor, 

Would the Queensland proponents of an “intelligent conversation” about Nuclear in my backyard please have it sooner than later so people know where not to put their veggie patch? Just asking. 

Margaret Wilkie, 

Peregian Beach. 



Dear Editor,  

Margaret Wilkies’ thrilling expose of the truth behind the misanthropies of Liberal politics brings a kernel of warmth to hearts of all sensible citizens! To attack the very movement that gave life and liberty and economic pursuits free of fear and damnable exploitation to so many is a grave weak spot for the right. And they never quit it! Perhaps further election wipe-outs might nudge conservatives into the modern world where workers’ rights and human rights and their intrepid life-changing advocates are treated with the reverence they deserve. One can only hope. Good on you Margaret! 

Dylan White, 

Coolum Beach.  


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