Letters to the editor 29/06/22

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Dear editor,  

With school holidays underway and extra traffic on our roads meaning many visitors not sure where they are going and children out and about, we need to be more vigilant on our roads. 

So far, as of 22 June, 146 people have died on Queensland roads in 2022 — 17 more than this time last year, sadly Queensland may have one of its worst road tolls in years. Police point out that higher speeds, not wearing seatbelts, and inattention have risen in the past six months. 

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll has called for a road safety summit to be held involving community, government, and stakeholders. 

Commissioner Carroll said: “We’re all grappling with this, so I implore, as do my people constantly because we are always out there, to please, when you are on the road, follow those road rules, be responsible for yourself, look out for others.” 

Road safety is up to each, and every one of us. 

Robyn Deane, 

Bli Bli.  



Dear editor, 

In the interests of public safety, please publish some of Ms Ebsworth’s plane spraying photographs (Coolum Advertiser, June 15-21), so we know what to look out for. If her State and Federal Members are not responding, she should go to A Current Affair to allay her conspiracy fears. 

J McCartney, 

Mt Coolum. 



Dear editor,  

From 4 July 2022, Translink fares for S.E. Queensland will increase by 2.5% for both full adult and concession fares. This move flies in the face of commuters who continually pay their fares, while watching those bold enough to get free rides for the asking. 

The epidemic of free rides, subsidised by taxpayers, has exacerbated since the easing of restrictions during the COVID three years. Now it is at epidemic proportions. No-one is monitoring commuters who simply get on buses and trains without legitimate Go-cards or tickets. Repeat offenders are renowned for their audacity. They are not challenged, and it continues to no end.   

Paying passengers are not rewarded for doing the right thing. To add insult to injury, Go-card holders are subject to fines for not touching off when alighting. This is hypocrisy of the highest order, considering the free rides epidemic is completely ignored. Paying passengers and taxpayers bear the cost of recalcitrants with a sense of entitlement. 

The lack of action to address free rides by the State Government Translink, is immoral, especially after the announcement of increased fares. The lack of inspectors to impose consequences for fare-evaders, is another blow for those who witness the rort daily. Any action to enforce significant fines on evaders, is sadly absent. Drivers declare they are not the fare police.  

In South Australia, concession card holders are given 24/7 free public transport rides. 

Western Australian and Victoria have free off-peak travel, while NSW has a $2.50 daily limit for concession card holders. The Queensland State Government has no such relief for public transport users, while ignoring unconscionable, outright daylight robbery. It’s not fare! 

E. Rowe, 




Dear editor,  

Reading about Australia’s housing crisis is a heartbreaking experience. At least for those of us who remember the “Lucky Country”, Australia’s renowned egalitarianism or more grossly “If you have a go you get a go”.  

Seeing working people not being able to afford rentals is a complete destruction of these once revered Australianisms.  

One wonders if they were ever true. Now you have governments of all ilk sitting on their hands as this terrible stain on our psyche grows. O Australia is such a friendly place they say. You see a family sleeping in a tent – “She’ll be right mate”. Now it is a snarky place, “I’ve got a home so all good hey”.  

Captured by the internationalist trend of securing a housing foothold at any cost, most notably the community spirit of the very place you call home, the Australian ethos is quickly being subsumed by this greed-based individualist anti life sentiment.  

Now I see in the eyes of our new treasurer and PM the same coldness, the same centrist abomination that precludes significant intervention in the market. The same protect your own interests as the very people who are cashing in on the unequal market, further exacerbating that inequality. For it is a self-perpetuating beast this housing “market”, or more correctly Ghastly Bubble.  

C’mon Labor, the party of fairness DO SOMETHING.  

Dylan White, 

Coolum Beach.   



Dear editor,  

Yes, journalists play a very important role in exposing wrongdoings. However, they do not have “open slather”. They do have responsibilities as do we all under our excellent Westminster system of justice.  

Whether it was laziness, incompetence or just “I don’t give a fig”, Assange, in stealing secret defence documents and neglecting to redact the names of the hundreds of secret agents, placed his own people in danger.  

Chelsea Manning “Did the crime and did the time”. Indeed, she offered to take some of Assange’s blame on her shoulders – admirable. She is now living a productive, open life, not cringing and scuttling around like Assange, albeit with a wife and two kids, acquired while in “solitary confinement”.  

Nola Weiss, 

Coolum Beach.  


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