Easing of Covid mandate for workers and visitors

COVID vaccination requirements across a range of categories will be eased in Queensland from 1am June 30. 

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said: 
“As we move to the next stage of the pandemic, we will be adjusting our approach in relation to mandatory vaccinations. 

“From June 30, mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations will no longer be required for visitors to: 

*Residential aged care 

*Disability accommodation 

*Corrective service facilities 

“In addition, we will be revoking our high-risk workers COVID-19 vaccine mandate, with decisions around mandatory vaccinations to instead be made by employers. 

“This will result in the following workers no longer being required to be vaccinated for COVID under the public health directions: 

*Schools, early childhood education, outside school care, kindergartens, family day care 

*Prisons, community corrections, work camps 

*Police watch houses 

*Youth detention centres 


“The public health directive mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for workers in healthcare, hospitals, aged care and disability care remains unchanged. 

“We will also be removing the public health direction that requires post-arrival testing for those who have travelled to Queensland from international locations.” 

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