Airport operational despite small delay

REPORTS of a sinkhole at the Sunshine Coast Airport were reported last week resulting in confusion and misunderstanding in the wider community as to what exactly happened.  

General Manager Corporate Communications, Kylie Ezzy explained that a small fault was found in the pavement on the shoulder of the northern end of runway 13/31 which was identified by Sunshine Coast Airport.  

“Operational staff were immediately onsite assessing the area in accordance with the necessary pavement and maintenance procedures, and the failure was repaired. The area of the runway was away from where aircraft take off and land. 

“A temporary runway closure was enacted in between passenger flights while repairs were completed. This resulted in no impact to passenger or emergency flights throughout the remainder of the day with all scheduled flights continuing to operate as normal.” 

Ms Ezzy stated that SCA wanted to alleviate confusion in the community and misinformation that was reported.  

“With references made in other publications, Sunshine Coast Airport would like to clarify that while our runway was temporarily closed, this did not and would not have affected the ability for aeromedical or emergency aircraft to land.” 

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