Letters to the editor 25/05/22

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Dear editor, 

A new era has dawned, and it is one of hope. Hope for the sort of Australia we can all be proud of, where we don’t live with fear and division. 

Our new Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese has promised to end the climate wars so we as a nation can step up to our international obligations to act on carbon emissions. 

The new Labor government will act on the Uluru Statement from the Heart- shamefully dismissed by the Liberal-National government. 

There will be a federal integrity commission established by year’s end. Not to carry out witch hunts but to oversee our parliament, public servants, and law enforcers – nothing to hide, nothing to fear. 

Mr Albanese has committed to implementing all recommendations of the respect at work report, setting an example for all institutions and corporations on how women should be treated, as well as addressing the gender pay gap. 

These are just some of Labor’s plans for a new beginning for our nation after years of inaction and disharmony, there is now hope for fairer, more prosperous and peaceful times ahead. 

Robyn Deane, 

Bli Bli.  



Dear editor,  

Well, it seems that we chose to forgo “the Devil you know” because we didn’t like what we knew of our ex-PM and his motley crew.  The advent of a bunch of independent, non-career politicians of the female gender will provide much-needed balance to the Federal political scene and   improved behaviour from those of the opposite sex whose language has been far from uplifting for anyone looking for civilised exchanges between the major parties. 

And I for one certainly hope Peter Dutton, if he is to become leader of the opposition, will learn lessons on unifying our country instead of the division we have been subjected to by himself and Ex-PM Morrison. 

It will be a relief if some journalists could commit to research before asking their “gotcha” questions and also act in a civilised manner, we would all benefit to be released from the endless tedium of their mindless pursuit of our representatives, whether we “like” them, or not! 

I look forward to seeing the Sri Lankan family returned to Biloela, the town that has supported them since their removal and threatened deportation despite the two girls being born in Australia. I would also like it if our new PM can demand the release of Julian Assange from the British “justice” system and his return to Australia should he so desire, then our world will be a safer place. 

Linese Norrish, 

Coolum Beach.  



Dear editor,  

The Sunshine Coast is a “Mecca” for tourism and environmental conservation. In contrast to the Gold Coast, overrated and congested, the Sunshine Coast is the preferred destination for those who value our safe, spacious, clean, green environment. 

However, over-crowding in our CBD, with council approving multi-storey developments along already congested, limited road networks, is creating a repeat of the mistakes of Gold Coast development. With council awaiting the UNESCO decision to declare our region as a “biosphere”[Advertiser, May 18], the rapid congested inner-city high-rise development sanctioned by council, flies in the face of what we want to conserve of our lifestyle and environment.  

This is a family-friendly region that has attracted many from overseas and interstate as their preferred home. But to give future generations a sustainable legacy, it is expedient to limit council’s residential and high-rise thrust. With a mayor insistent on attracting more development in the limited spaces that remain, increasing rate-paying residents, it is hypocritical and beyond the pale. What are council’s priorities? 

Already with four UNESCO designated biosphere reserves in Australia, with an official declaration as a “biosphere”, the Sunshine Coast could promote sustainable living and products, showcasing the region’s food and agricultural opportunities. Attracting appropriate sustainable investment, benefits the whole region and its 350, 000 residents.  

E. Rowe, 




Dear editor, 

When the ex-PM is finally hung in Canberra’s Portrait Gallery, will it depict him wearing a Crown of Thorns Starfish, a Hawaiian shirt, plucking a ukulele or holding a lump of coal? Just asking? 

Margaret Wilkie,  

Peregian Beach. 



Dear editor,  

Now that Sekisui, OUR? council and whomsoever may be involved behind the scenes have to pay court costs, maybe Yaroomba Beach will be returned to the community. 

Also, very careful watch must be kept to ensure there are no perks or payoffs in finalising this debt.  

Nola Weiss, 

Mt Coolum.  


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