Community Update: Vinnies Queensland

Election must promise to address housing

ADDRESSING Australia’s housing crisis needs to go beyond party and state lines, according to Vinnies Queensland’s Coolum President, Marshall Morison.

Mr Morison said the numbers of people coming to Vinnies for homelessness support was increasing by the day, thanks to the ongoing housing crisis that has left very little affordable housing options left for our vulnerable locals.

“House prices around Coolum have shot up by nearly 50 per cent in the last year alone, rental vacancy rates are less than one per cent across the Sunshine Coast and our state housing waiting list has grown to more than 50,000 people,” Mr Morison said.

“With housing affordability at an all-time low and rent prices skyrocketing, we see this as a national emergency that requires all levels of government working together towards a solution.”

Mr Morison said it was heartbreaking to continue to hear from people in the Coolum community who can no longer afford to live in the town they called home. More and more are finding themselves forced to live in parks, on the beach or in cars.

“We need action, not just here but across the country,” he said.

“In the lead up to the Federal Election, we are calling for the development of a national housing strategy that brings together all parties and levels of government to address this issue.

“That should also involve a significant investment in social housing, one that has been needed for some time in our region.

“We are hoping to see a commitment for a minimum of 5,000 social homes a year built in Queensland.”

Mr Morison said the Federal Government could also support impacted Queenslanders in the meantime by increasing the Commonwealth Rental Assistance Rate and reinstating the National Rental Affordability Scheme.

In the last financial year, Vinnies Queensland provided more than 101,000 nights of accommodation to Queenslanders in need, including across the Sunshine Coast.

“Housing affordability is therefore one of the key concerns for Vinnies’ in its recently released 2022 Election Statement.” Mr Morison said.

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