Volunteers maintain watercourse for 16 years

Pictured are volunteers Anne Jericho, Howard Cassidy and Linese Norrish. Photo: Vanessa Bacon-Hall

One of Coolum’s hidden gems is the lush 500m walkway which extends from Stumers Creek Rd along to Norrie Job Park – affectionately known as the watercourse and maintained by volunteers from Coolum and North Shore Coast Care who go by the name -‘Watercourse Warriors’. The Watercourse Warriors project was started back in March 2006 by Coolum local Linese Norrish and meets on Monday and Thursday mornings and either plant or weed the natural coastal pathway. With all of the recent rain, the weeds are flourishing with Linese stating that they could really do with some extra nature-loving hands to help out. Volunteer Howard stated that he gave his time to this project as it was good for his health. “Every scientific paper and journal all state that being out in nature and in the bush is good for your health and with this group, there is also the added benefit of the friendships created and doing something good for the community.” Linese went on to add that over the years the group have gone on to have lasting friendships and that it was also about social connection – not just weeding and planting. “We get people walking through who just love what we are doing, and it is nice to be appreciated. Council supplies everything – they also take us out to look at other sites and we have social lunches and get-togethers once a month, where we get dressed up and socialise out in the community and I would love to see some more join us,” Linese said. If you would like to join the Watercourse Warriors, please call Linese on 5446 5116.

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