Watch out for animals as weather warms up

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With local wildlife on the move during spring it’s important to be alert when out and about and that’s the message from Council’s Environment team as the weather warms up.

“Koalas, kangaroos and reptiles such as snakes and lizards are all active at this time of year, so there is a greater chance of coming across them on local roads, particularly from late afternoon onwards,” Principal Environment Officer Peter Milne said.

“Many of our native animals face a wide range of threats, but by taking a little extra care when driving we can all help reduce their risk of being struck by vehicles.

“If you do come into contact with sick or injured wildlife, please call the RSPCA hotline on 1300 ANIMAL to arrange for assistance.”

Mr Milne said birds too were active during spring and some species could become aggressive in defence of their nests.

“When we think of swooping birds we often think of magpies, but other birds too can behave in this way when defending their nests, including plovers, butcherbirds, pee-wees and myna birds,” he said.

“It’s good practice to wear a broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses when outside and if you’re walking in a known swooping hotspot, take an umbrella or, better still, avoid the area by taking a different route.”

Mr Milne said Council may relocate aggressive birds on public land if they have the potential to cause injury, but it’s a last resort.

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