Letters to the editor 29/07/21

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Dear editor,

Last Sunday afternoon 25th July 2021, I was relieved of my stress and annoyance with COVID-19. I went to the Coolum Civic Centre where I was thoroughly entertained by the Coolum Theatre Players and the music of the Ukaholics. There were five playlets, each with pairs of actors sitting in deckchairs on an imaginary beach. The playlets, with their immaculate performances, some hilarious, were delightfully interrupted by the singing and strumming of the Ukaholics. It was all a bit magical with the lights going to black on the change overs. Many thanks to Barbara Ryan, director, who skillfully put the show together.  

I was at the final performance and I had the privilege of sitting in on the after show party. All the actors and crew were sitting on a very long table. I thought it looked like a double sided, “ da Vinci “  “ Last Supper “. One thing it certainly was, it was a very large family at ease, all happy in each other’s company.

If I may reflect on the stress relief aspect of the play? The play appears to be set in the 1950ss, in the north of England at a time of rationing and austerity. Only two weeks holiday a year and the same two weeks for all the Mill Towns. Everyone seemed to go to Blackpool from my town. The musical highlights were, “I do wish to be beside the Seaside “ played by Reg Dixon at the magnificent Wurlitzer Organ in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom. The Ukaholics sang and played that first just like Reg in Blackpool. George Formby was the highest paid entertainer at the time in the UK. “ When I’m Cleaning Windows “, was one of his most popular songs. The BBC thought some of his songs were too rude for the wireless. There is one skit from the Deckchairs that would have raised eyebrows at the BBC. The good people of Coolum roared with laughter

Thank you the Coolum Theatre Players.

Lawrance Chadwick,




Dear editor,

Who are the 2032 Olympics win for?

With the 2032 Olympic hope secured, the focus is on Brisbane and the Gold Coast for accommodation infrastructure, venues and participation. It’s chief political movers are all S.E. Queensland public servants.

The Sunshine Coast and Regional Queensland are dubious that investment and jobs created specifically, will benefit them. Brisbane’s “Cross-River Rail” has not benefitted regional Queenslanders who pay rates and taxes, with little gain for their communities. Regional Queensland want to play a significant part. 

We can call this the: “Palaszczuk Games” as it makes Queensland history, looking good on her resume! However, the Sunshine Coast will host only four venues, with participants accommodated in Hamilton, Brisbane, then bussed north. 

Public transport is weighed in the balances and found wanting. Our poor third-world system north of Brisbane, needs an overhaul and a major investment to bring it to world standard, equivalent to that invested for the Gold Coast’s Commonwealth Games. 

Those outside the inner S.E. sanctum of investment certainty, not guaranteed to benefit greatly by the Games, can only hope for inclusion. “Advance Australia Fair”, only by equity and social justice for all, not only for the elites.

E. Rowe,


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