Letters to the editor 06/05/21

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Dear editor,

During the last sitting week I was able to put on the public record the remarkable achievements of one of our most enduring service groups in the region, the Coolum Lionesses.

Recently, the Lioness Club celebrated 42 years of faithful service, during which time 112 women have volunteered their time.

Sadly though, last year Lions International directed the closure of all Lioness clubs and while this is a tremendous blow to our community, it is fitting we celebrate their incredible efforts. 

Since their establishment, the Coolum Lionesses have raised more than half a million dollars. But they have invested so much more than money into our community – they have freely given their time, compassion and hope for a better future for the less fortunate.

The Lionesses set big goals and reached them, raising money for the Coolum SES, Angel Flight, the Flying Doctors, RACQ Care Flight, the Australian Lions Cancer Research, the Australian Children’s Mobility Fund, Cittamani Hospice and medical researchers QMIR Berghofer.

Above and beyond the humble sausage sizzle and raffle, they have organised many events including the annual Coolum Twilight Markets at Tickle Park, which they launched in 1994.

On behalf of the Coolum community, I look forward to personally thanking a group of 15 of the formidable women who make up the current, and sadly last ever Coolum Lioness group, at a special morning tea later this month. 

I want to thank them for their selfless service and assure them that each act of kindness will be long remembered. 

Dan Purdie MP,

Member for Ninderry.



Dear editor,

I wanted to sincerely congratulate the Mudjimba RSL and their hard-working committee and energetic volunteers for such an eloquent and meaningful tribute to ANZAC Day Services and for the impressive number of attendees, in particular, the strong attraction of younger generations. It was most instructive for the MC, Mr. Robert Walford, to make the profound point that such services are not intended to glorify war and thus provided clarity of context to the ceremonies.

Guest speaker, retired Army officer Mr. Clint Ferndale, powerfully and passionately reinforced the debt of gratitude that we owe those who served – a debt that can never, ever be repaid in full by present and future generations of Australians and, indeed, our allies. Mr. Ferndale referred to a pivotal point in our nationhood when our 7th Prime Minister, Billy Hughes, stood steadfastly for Australia at the peace conference in France in February 1919, at which he publicly crossed paths with the arguably imperious 28th President of the USA and academic, Woodrow Wilson, in a robust exchange viewed by astute observers as the, ‘little David facing the American Goliath.’ Chided later by President Wilson in the debate on the German Pacific colonies because Australia represented only a small country of five million people, Hughes replied simply, powerfully, and compellingly: ‘I speak for 60,000 dead Australians.’ As the story of the confrontations spread around Paris, Hughes became something of a folk hero, but, more importantly, Australia emerged as a fledgling and respected nation. 

From where I was for the Dawn Service, the march, and the community service, I heard many eulogistic comments being made by those who thoroughly appreciated the flawless organisational efforts of the Mudjimba RSL Sub Branch, and all that implies. The printed programmes were extremely well received from logistical, explanatory, and commemorative perspectives. 

Peter E Liu,



Dear editor,

Linese Norrish’s response to “mask wearing” and “illegal dumping”, (Advertiser, April 15 and 22) demonstrates the attitude which contributes to the spread of COVID19, when individuals refuse to be told

COVID is a deadly threat which, thankfully, our governments have taken seriously. We are one of the few nations which have it under control. It is ‘internationals’ returning who are displaying COVID in hotel quarantine. 

We may never be entirely CCOVID free and back to a pre-COVID ‘normal’. 

So the least we can do, is follow government mandatory instructions like mature and caring people. Even when it may be extreme, comply like a law-abiding citizen. As for single-use mask litter, it is again, the irresponsible and lawless who exacerbate the litter problem.

“NO MAN is an island entire unto himself; we are ALL part of the continent.” (John Donne).

E. Rowe,




Dear editor,

The sun may not shine but with the constant, renewable hot air and wind emissions from Canberra, will quiet, hard working Australians rejoice that new ‘technology not taxes’ is working for climate change? How good’s renewables?

Margaret Wilkie,

Peregian Beach.


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