Letters to the editor 29/04/21

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Dear editor,

Linese Norrish’s response to “mask wearing” and “illegal dumping”, (Advertiser, April 15 and 22) demonstrates the attitude which contributes to the spread of COVID19, when individuals refuse to be told

COVID is a deadly threat which, thankfully, our governments have taken seriously. We are one of the few nations which have it under control. It is ‘internationals’ returning who are displaying COVID in hotel quarantine. 

We may never be entirely CCOVID free and back to a pre-COVID ‘normal’. 

So the least we can do, is follow government mandatory instructions like mature and caring people. Even when it may be extreme, comply like a law-abiding citizen. As for single-use mask litter, it is again, the irresponsible and lawless who exacerbate the litter problem.

“NO MAN is an island entire unto himself; we are ALL part of the continent.” (John Donne).

E. Rowe,




Dear editor,

The sun may not shine but with the constant, renewable hot air and wind emissions from Canberra, will quiet, hard working Australians rejoice that new ‘technology not taxes’ is working for climate change? How good’s renewables?

Margaret Wilkie,

Peregian Beach.


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