Letter to the editor 22/04/21

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Dear editor,

I share E. Rowe’s concerns for the trashing of our environment and planet home, I once visited Singapore because I wanted to see a rubbish-free city/state… not sure what they do with their rubbish but it wasn’t lining the streets, unlike the fact that I can’t take a walk anywhere in Coolum without finding discarded bottles, cans, papers et al. And the contents of the recycling bin at this seniors complex, gives me pause to have empathy with the employees at our “waste disposal station” who are tasked with handpicking certain items from the conveyor belt conveying a variety of “non-recyclables” for want of a better word.  On a visit to this site I did learn that plastic bags will jam the conveyor belt, temporarily disrupting the collection process.

Yes, unfortunately the planet we call home is becoming a repository for the “leftovers” from human consumption; and unfortunately, bearing in mind Ms Rowe’s advocacy for mask-wearing; there are now 1,000,000,000 of these objects cluttering our oceans and no doubt posing an additional threat to marine life. 

Linese Norrish,

Coolum Beach.  



Dear editor,

In the chook pen, Top Cocks crow about Hens on nests. Hard Working Australorps are classified as employed if they sit on a nest for one hour per day. Hens brood about trying to live on chicken feed. Employment opportunities are as scarce as hens’ teeth. Fair dinkum.

Margaret Wilkie,

Peregian Beach.



Dear editor,

State M.P. Fiona Simpson, with other Sunshine Coast residents, is aware the present public transport system serving the Coast and connections to Brisbane, is not only untenable, but third world. Compare the first class Gold Coast transport system to ours!

We are the fastest growing regions in Australia, with 7,000 new residents weekly. Despite the extraordinary growth and new housing estates forcing more transport on our tight and limited road networks, the ancient train and bus services are grossly inadequate. Don’t expect connecting services.

Road congestion is exacerbating the stress. The lack of a fast train to and from Brisbane is historical. Nothing changes, but the Premier has dreams of holding the 2032 Olympics here. Ask backpackers how difficult our public transport system is to maneuver.

Lift your game and see the obvious transport deficit here. We may as well be on another planet, despite being only 100+ km from Brisbane. Not happy, Translink! Better roads aren’t the solution.

E. Rowe,


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