Letters to the editor -11/02/2021

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Dear editor, 

There has been recent mention of the valued role that Men’s Sheds play, and the wisdom in supporting their activities.

Coolum Men’s Shed began in 2012 and opened it’s own shed building in November 2017. Our Shed is a place where men can meet, where they feel safe, and where they can share time. The Shed offers workshop space, workshop equipment, friendship and personal support which enrich our member’s lives, as well as information sessions on mental and physical health, aged care, travel, and retirement. Recently a music group has been formed.

Our second shed building is nearing completion, and we have just been awarded a grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund to help to complete the fit out. This new building will provide us with significantly increased floor space for activities other than those we already do – perhaps lead lighting, pottery, art, a book club or a chess group could result?

Readers who would like to join the Shed or who can offer special skills can call President Warren Evans on 0418 196 637, or just come out to the Shed at 26 Research St, Coolum Industrial Estate. We are open from around 9am to 3pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Doug Harbrow
Publicity Officer,
Coolum Men’s Shed.



Dear editor, 

It’s not his first rodeo! NRL talent, Payne Haas has brought disrepute to the NRL yet again! He’s 21 and considered by his coach still learning how to act. This is not a child, but an adult, so his bad behaviour cannot be discounted. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” [Shakespeare: “Hamlet”].

There is something deeply disturbing when young talented footballers are intoxicated and charged out of hours for anti-social behaviour, while their on-field performance is praised.

It is difficult for fans who revere and idolise their sports’ stars, to comprehend their idols are humans who err. But our drinking culture which is typically Australian and is socially linked overtly or covertly to sports, is not to blame for this star’s fall from grace, yet again. It is his personal choice to drink off the field and become aggressive to those maintaining law and order. But outside his sports, he represents his family, his religion, himself and his morals and ethics. He believes this is not the real him. This drunk and aggressive person is an addict and needs to steer clear of alcohol.

It is the downfall of many young talented sporting stars. We have seen it all before in such talented footballers. A three match ban and $50K fine is hardly enough a deterrent for communities exposed to such drunken behaviours daily. A lifetime ban commensurate with all the pain, disgrace and suffering he inflicted on others, would send a more unmistakable message.

E. Rowe,


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