4 Paws Animal Rescue

Julie Penlington

Beautiful Ollie is looking for his forever home. Photo: Contributed

Beautiful ‘Ollie’ is an nine year old male cat that was a surrendered to 4 Paws due to a sad family issue and he has always been an inside cat and is big friendly boy that loves to play .He is only suited to a single cat home. Please call 0400251396 or 0411144689 if you are interested and think Ollie could be your perfect companion.

There is a common phrase people hear – “adopt don’t shop ‘’ the main reason to do this is that you will save a life. Each year in Australia over 200,000 cats and dogs are euthanized. A great number of these could be dramatically reduced if more people adopted instead of buying. Look at it this way, when you adopt a pet you open up a place for another dog or cat that desperately needs to come in to a shelter. Another great reason is because you will get love back ten fold, I have always had rescue dogs and they have enriched my life. Most rescue animals come in because of a human problem like a divorce or death or people going into care.  Many are already house trained and happy and have all of their vet work done by the rescue organisation. This is an important point as when you adopt the pet, it will be de-sexed, vaccinated and had other health issues addressed.

The next point as to why you should adopt is because it stops puppy mills. Puppy mills continue to stay in business through deception. We once had a Spoodle handed in to us that the owner had purchased on line and paid $3000 for. The family had trouble handling him as he had anxiety. This poor family were heartbroken, I was able to do some research and show them that the facility they saw on line was a shop front for a puppy mill and that the issue was not their fault. We took him in and he was adopted by an experienced family and now is doing well. Sadly the BIN number introduced by the Government has done nothing to curb this behaviour – it is as easy to get one as it is to cash in a fast food coupon .We are so lucky here on the Sunshine Coast that we have a council that is extremely pro- active and are working alongside rescue groups to re-home cats and dogs that end up in the council pound and are not claimed. We all work tirelessly to re-home these pets and place them into family homes where they will be able to see out their days safely and with love.